Photo Tours and Workshops

  • Can I bring my drone?

    Peru: If you do decide to bring a drone keep the following in mind: You could run into some problems during the security check. The fine could be around 2500 euro, if they detect the drone. If you choose to use your drone inside the park, you’ll need a permit. If you let us know in advance, we c...
  • Do I need specific hiking gear for Patagonia?

    We provide single person tents. Sleeping bags and mats can be rented at the start with the porter services. You need to bring your own backpack, shoes and other clothes and smaller items. A detailed pack list will be provided upon registration.
  • Do I need to be a pro photographer to fully enjoy this tour?

    Absolutely not, we have photographers from all experience levels participating. Whether you ask how to shoot in manual mode, how to take a panorama or how to master the handheld focus stack technique – the guide will always be happy to help and adopt his teaching to each skill level.
  • Do you have a kit-list/what to bring-list for a tour?

    Yes, you will receive one after registration. There are also general what to bring recommendations in the tour PDF which you can get HERE. 
  • How can I pack my camera gear during a hike if I don't take my bulky camera bag with me?

    We recommend storing your camera on top of your hiking backpack. Wrap some clothes around it for extra protection. The same goes for lenses. With most backpacks your tripod can be mounted to the outside.
  • How can I pack my camera gear during the flight when I don't bring my protective camera bag?

    We recommend packing all your essential camera gear in your hand luggage. Use some clothes for protection like a sweater, t-shirt and a down jacket.
  • How much hiking will be involved on the photo-tour?

    Peru: There are 2 hikes in the first 6 days: the first is a 1 km hike with 100 meters of elevation gain at 4500+ meters high; the second is a 2.5 km hike and 300 meters of elevation gain. Although these distances are small - we will prepare for a slow and steady pace in order to allow everyone to...
  • How will we deal with the high elevation in Peru?

    To ensure your comfort and safety, we will begin at a lower elevation and sleep at around 2500 meters before heading upwards. You can prepare by:  drinking water during the tour to stay hydrated (we will be taking toilet breaks!) - consuming more carbs than usual to give your body the energy it n...
  • I have an allergy/dietary restriction – will that be a problem?

    Not at all – you will be able to provide us with your allergy/dietary restriction upon registration.
  • Means of transportation during the tour

    We will always ensure our vehicles will ensure plenty of space for the whole group. Dolomites: 1 or 2 vans (9-seats each). Patagonia: 2 vans and/or private mini bus Senja: 1 or 2 vans (9-seats each). Peru: Vans and small private mini bus.
  • My wife is a non-photographer – can she join for a discount?

    Unfortunately, we don’t have different prices for non-participating clients.
  • Personal Processing Sessions

    The guides will demonstrate the latest processing techniques on a laptop connected to the available TV or monitor in the hotel. A photo from one of the participants or from the guide himself will be used. All sessions will be recorded and shared among the group so everyone can watch the classes b...
  • Start and Finish times and locations tours

    * we are flexible with pick-up + drop-off locations and times. Exact meeting points and instructions will be communicated prior to the tour. * On the Peru tour you can also choose to stay in the area on May 30th in case you want to extend your stay. | | Dolomites | Senja | Patagonia | Peru | | ...
  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance is required and has to be arranged at some point before the tour start. There are many insurance companies who offer appropriate insurance. See the link HERE to get a quaote from Allianz.
  • What is the loding/ are the hotel stars?

    Dolomites Autumn Tour: 3 to 4 stars Patagonia Autumn Tour: 2 to 4 stars Peru Tour: 3 to 4 stars
  • What is your covid 19 Policy?

    If a participant has to cancel at any time prior to the tour caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions, flight cancellations or anything else related to COVID-19, a full refund will be given. We strongly recommend to wait with booking your flights or only book flexible/refundable tickets.
  • What lenses shall I bring?

    The characteristics of each landscape on a tour require different lenses to maximize the results. Especially on hiking based tours it is important to be selective with the number of lenses you bring. Required in this context means it is the main lens you want to use - recommend is the lens which ...
  • What will the weather be like?

    Please find information about the climate of the tour-location in the PDF which you can obtain HERE. 
  • When do we charge our batteries on the tour?

    We will not have any options to charge when out camping or hiking. Always make sure bringing plenty of spare batteries with you. Dolomites: In the hotels. Patagonia: We recommend bringing sufficient spare batteries with you during the hiking part - 1 battery a day should be considered as the mi...
  • When will I get Max's Processing videos after my tour registration?

    After receiving the 750,- euro deposit you can request 1 or all tutorials. If you do cancel your registration the usual fee for the post processing videos will be deducted. This is done to prevent people signing up to only receive the videos for free. Everyone will receive access to all videos a...
  • Where do we leave our luggage during the tour?

    Patagonia: We have a secured room in which we can leave luggage we don't need during the hike. Such as laptops, extra clothes, lenses, food etc. Senja: Inside our vans. Norway has one of the lowest car break-ins in the world and can be considered totally save. Even then, we make sure all gear/lu...
  • Which Patagonia Tour has the best Autumn/Fall colors?

    The autumn colors are at its peak between April 2nd and April 25th. This is an average because each year the Autumn starts and finishes at a different time.
  • Which Tents during Senja, Patagonia and Peru?

    We provide Single Person tents. If you need a 2-person tent (for couples only) you can request one.  In case you prefer to bring your own you will be free to do so.
  • Who are the Photo Guides?

    Marco Grassi is the main guide with Jessica Lancia as the assistant guide. Our guides know the area better than anyone and have a big drive to teach the group in a fun yet ambitious way. Your success and satisfaction will be their success and satisfaction. The more you are willing to learn, the m...
  • Will we shoot any wildlife in Patagonia?

    Yes, we will certainly see many Guanacos. We have a good chance to see Condors and a small change to see Pumas (very scared for humans and in South America not dangerous). If we are very lucky we will also see huemul deer.