What lenses shall I bring?

The characteristics of each landscape on a tour require different lenses to maximize the results. Especially on hiking based tours it is important to be selective with the number of lenses you bring. Required in this context means it is the main lens you want to use - recommend is the lens which can also be useful but would be your secondary lens. In the end you are free to bring the lenses you think will fit on the tour however be smart with the number and weight of the lenses when joining a hiking based tour.

Trip Lens Required Lens Recommended
Dolomites Normal (40 - 58 mm) +
Tele-zoom (58 to 200 mm)
Wide angle + Tele-zoom up to 300 mm
Peru Wide angle +
Notmal +
Tele-zoom (14 to 300 mm total)
Senja Wide angle + Normal
(14 to 58 mm total)
Tele-zoom up to 120 mm
Patagonia Wide angle + Normal
(14 to 40 mm total)
Tele-zoom up to 300 mm

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