• Are your presets compatible with my version of lightroom?

    The MRP presets come both in the XMP and LRTemplate format. Lightroom before April 2018 are using the LRTemplate and all versions after use the XMP format. There is no difference between them in terms of visual results.
  • How can I make these Presets work on Lightroom Mobile?

    Step 1: Open Lightroom Clasic (CC) on desktop, import my preset pack and click on the cloud icon in the upper right corner. Step 2: ''Start Syncing'' to make the presets available on your Lightroom Mobile app. Step 3: Open ''Lightroom Mobile'' on your smarthphone and click on ''Presets''. ...
  • On which File Formats will these Presets work?

    On all file formats, such as RAW, TIF, and JPEG files. They work best on RAW files because the presets are designed to work on edited files. If you would like to use them on already edited files such as your JPEG's, it is best to either set back the opacity or to make some final adjustments yours...
  • What Software do I need for the presets?

    Adobe Lightroom